Radeon X300, radeonfb, dual head

Hans-Jürgen Koch hjk at linutronix.de
Wed Apr 18 06:26:57 PDT 2007

Am Mittwoch, 18. April 2007 14:58 schrieb Jerome Glisse:

> I am not at all an expert in this radeonfb + X things (somethings i avoid
> to use :)) but i think that radeonfb might get in the way of the X server

That's obvious, but why? Is it a X problem, or is it a radeonfb problem?
Several pages I found on the web suggest that somebody got these working
together. Where does the regression come from? What can I do to help?

> does mergedfb work with a kernel without any framebuffer driver ?

No, I just tried that. I only compiled in vga16, no vesafb, no radeonfb,
but no change in X server behaviour.

But one more interesting thing:

I added 
Option "MergedXineramaCRT2IsScreen0" "true"
to my Section "Device". This made kdm show its login window on my screens,
so I could login to KDE. The KDE control center displays everything as it
should be: Desktop 3360x1050, two displays with 1680x1050 each, first display
at 0,0 and second display at 1680,1050.

So obviously the X server "thinks" everything is configured as it should be.
Unfortunately, that's not reality. I still got the same content on both screens.


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