Mini-Compiz on Miniature Linux/OpenGL (embedded 3D windowsystem)

ZeAtShuttle zelco at
Wed Apr 18 04:25:49 PDT 2007

> im actually surprised i cant find other projects that try to do 3D windows for embedded devices, especially with that OpenGL ES, Khronos group and hand-helds being powerful enough for OpenGL and 3D

That's probably because writing window systems is actually difficult.
The code isn't that difficult per se.  Even coming up with a solid
design isn't too difficult.  But working out all the tiny little nuances
so that every app works ... now that's going to take a while.



yes, i believe so..

now heres how i look at it, 
im looking at it as if to make simple game, more of a demo really... 

quite simple game actually, all it has to do is move textured quads around, and if you offset vertices in whichever direction while you move you get wobbly effect, if you have transparency - you have transparency... and so on, the point is these effects are that EASY to make, and its all about effects (for start)

of course i have to put there at least some apps thet would run on that "window system" and something to texture those quads with..

but, for start, i thought id do a little trick, complete scam really..

there wouldnt be any "system", it would be just a simple OpenGL application, and just like games have different stages, so would i in 'my game' have different apps, that would be just simple text-editor, simple web-browser, terminal, calculator and of course - 3D crazy eyes

it wouldnt be about those apps as you see, but about that stupid fraction of second when you move/resize/close/open your window and OpenGL magic happens..

thats it,
is that not really simple 'game' to make, "moving quads"?

yeah, i know that wouldnt be useful too much... or wait, why not? if text-editor is working, if web-browser is working (with images), if calculator is working?!! if gcc is working?

and if 3-D crazy eyes follow your mouse pointer.... can you tell me you wouldnt like it.. crazy eyes, eh?   8 -)

well, at this point its already more useful than windows, and is all i use computer for, so id stop there    :-p

thets just for graphic apps, of course there is still the whole Linux thing yo can run in background, from terminal or what have you..

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