Radeon and flat-panel flickering

Russell Shaw rjshaw at netspace.net.au
Tue Apr 17 10:57:55 PDT 2007

With a radeon 9550 card and a mitsubishi DV-175 lcd monitor, the screen
has "static" in the form of bursts of noisiness of 20-50 horizontal pixels,
like you'd expect from a broken cable. Occaisonally the screen would roll or
blink too. The DVI-I cable is ok however.

I was using the open source radeon driver in a recent Xorg setup.

The noisiness is present in console mode and when xorg.conf is set up
for the monitor in it's native 1280x1024 resolution. With xorg.conf
set for 1024x768, the noisiness goes away. Installing the ATI fglrx
driver also eliminates the noise.

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