Mesa with dri on intel - what's going on ?

Pavel Troller patrol at
Mon Apr 16 00:21:02 PDT 2007

  I'm running the a combo of, Mesa and xf86-video-intel from git master
on a x86_64 system with i945 video chipset. In mesa, I'm building the
linux-dri-x86-64 target (and then separately linux-dri-x86 target to get
the 32bit compatibility libs).
  I was trying some OpenGL apps, but I'm experiencing many problems.
  For example, I've built "torcs" (3D car racing game) to test. The game runs,
but the accelerated display is wrong. It has totally messed up colors, some
scenes are almost black (may be related to the colors problem), and the
rendering is also wrong, especially visibility (I can see parts of the cars
like wheels or the driver, which should not be visible because they have to be
obstructed by the chassis or other parts). Parts of the cars are flickering,
hiding and then reappearing.
  32bit build of the game is producing absolutely the same display.
  The same problem is shown in much more simple apps, like some OpenGL screen
savers. The "Chess" saver has also visibility problems (pieces in the back are
rendered over the ones in front), as well as the classical Morph3D.
  However, glxgears looks OK. But it's the only app which doesn't have any
problems :-).
  What I am doing wrong ? I would like to use a stable Mesa, but git
requires git mesa to build...
        With regards, Pavel Troller

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