Funding Radeon driver development

Daniel Kasak dan at
Sun Apr 15 18:25:22 PDT 2007

Anders Johansson wrote:

> Hi,
>> Another interesting point made was that if Tungsten Graphics had access 
>> to hardware specifications for later cards, they would be able to secure 
>> commercial funding to work on it again! But anyway, we know the 
>> likelihood of this happening at the moment ...
> Wouldn't it be possible to ask the Linux foundation for help. They
> have a NDA program for things like this, and provides help to
> developers for securing hardware documentation from difficult
> companies, see:

Yeah possibly. With the 'old' ATI, I would have said that we probably 
wouldn't get anywhere. But maybe with AMD now owning ATI, things might 
be different. As an end user, I'm not exactly in-the-loop as to who has 
approached who, and when, and what the response was. So it's possible 
that another attempt at getting docs from AMD might be in order. Perhaps 
others are in a better position to comment on this.


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