LCD, pan, randr1.2, and pan-to-downscale

Austin Yuan yuanshengquan at
Sun Apr 15 03:09:40 PDT 2007


I know if configuring a screen size larger than the physical size of a
LCD, pan will occur, and users need to scroll to view the far edges of
the desktop.

Pan-to-downscale here means when the screen size is bigger than LCD
size, downscale screen content in order to fit its whole content into
the viewable area. Pan-to-downscale is useful for those small LCD with
lower resolution (such as 800x480) on small devices,so that user can
view more content larger than LCD size without scrolling.

Pan-to-downscale currently needs to do some ugly hacking in the video
driver to achieve it. I saw randr1.2 has many significantly changes
compared with version 1.1, and there are some discussion about
pan-and-scan. I am curious whether randr1.2 has addressed this
pan-to-downscale feature, and will it support it in future?


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