Probably silly Q..

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Sat Apr 14 21:57:09 PDT 2007


Fedora 6, Athlon xp2800, gig of ram, 3dforce 6200-256 video card in an agp-8 
slot.  Kernel 2.6.21-rc6 + the ck-0.40 patch.  nvidia driver, 9755 version 
installed and running.
Poking around in my kmenu's to see what might be interesting, I stumbled onto 
a settings/driconf item and clicked on it.  The cursor danced for the 
obligatory 30 seconds and everything went back to as normal as it can ever be 
when a gzip -best is running in the background.

So I opened the menu editor to see what it tried to do, which was 
run /usr/bin/driconf.

Doing that from a root cli gets me a message that my libGL is too old.  Its 
apparently from the nvidia-9755 installation.  So nvidia is running on an 
older library they've patched I suppose.

Not having looked at the output of a glxinfo run recently, I tried that.  
Imagine my surprise when it killed x instantly & gave me a whole list of 
things it was trying to start..  Cute, so eventually it either gave up, or 
responded to the control-c's I was feeding into the system from a tty shell 
it had dropped back to.  Once that settled and I had a prompt, I restarted x 
with a startx and everything looks cool although I had to restart kmail once 
x was up and running.

Did I get what was expected?  I've never had glxinfo kill x before that I can 

Cheers, Gene
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