Sticky keys shouldn't be deactivated by pressing keys in parallel

Tassilo Horn tassilo at
Thu Apr 12 09:51:21 PDT 2007

Alan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith at> writes:

Hi Alan,

>> But in the meantime I found the accessx [1] utility which can do
>> this.
> accessx was also included in X11R6.6 from the old X.Org, but we lost
> it when moving to the XFree86 code base for X11R6.7 somehow.  I guess
> if this site is maintaining it now, we don't need to worry about it.

But it seems to be quite dead. The last release is about 4 and a half
years old, and the applications (`ax' and its tk interface `accessx')
have some inconveniences that need to be fixed [1].

I wrote an email to the address listed on that page [2]. If somebody
responses and fixes the issues, it's fine, else the code maybe should be
included back into Xorg and maintained there. At least there has to be
one (command line) tool to manipulate Xorg's accessibility features.

[1] The config file is ~/AccessX, but ~/.config/AccessX or ~/.AccessX
    would be more standard/unobtrusive. And there are options that are
    not saved in the config file, thus you have to adjust them on every
    server start.
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