A few question about kdrive installation

Steve Kreyer steve.kreyer at web.de
Wed Apr 11 08:43:27 PDT 2007


first of all thanks for your answer.

Ross Burton wrote:
> Shouldn't you be using prefix=/usr and then DESTDIR=/rootfs-i386 at make
> install time so that the paths inside the server are valid?
> (unless /rootfs-i386/usr exists on the target too).
Oh yes you are right, but if I follow your solution I get dependency
problems, because when installing any X library which depends on
another, autoconf detects the library path and include paths according
to pkg-config tool, but this itself of course only returns the
PREFIX/include or PREFIX/lib respectivly, not DESTDIR/PREFIX/include
(|lib). So this results in compilation or linking errors. Do you have
any idea how the latter  can be achieved (so that pkg-config returns the
whole path)?
> Ross

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