[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-glide 1.0.0

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Tue Apr 10 16:35:39 PDT 2007


On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 18:57:42 +0200, Rene Rebe wrote:
> On Saturday 10 March 2007 16:49:34 Guillem Jover wrote:
> > This is the first modularized release of this driver.
> > 
> > git tag: xf86-video-glide-1.0.0
> nice. However as I never hd a 3dfx card and someone asked be to build
> this driver I'm a little confused about the various glide libraries
> floating around.
> Can you point me the the glide library this driver is designed for?

glide2, the project is located at <http://glide.sf.net/>, you want to
take the source from CVS's glide-devel-branch. I might switch the
driver to glide3 in the future, though, as it should be supporting all
hw now.

> Maybe check in configure and print the url if the one required is
> not found?

Yes, I'll be adding that, as someone else also reported a similar
issue. There's some references in the man page, but it's non-obvious
that this can be found there.


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