Is to possible to add a font without restarting the xserver?

Barry Scott barry.scott at
Tue Apr 10 07:48:24 PDT 2007

At the moment I restart the xserver whenever I add a new TTF font file 
to the system.

If possible I'd like to be able to add the TTF font file without 
restarting the xserver.

So far my experiments have not worked. I can get fc-list to show the new 
font but
using Xft it is not drawn. xlsfonts does not show up the font.

I've been using:
cd /data/data/fonts
ttmkfdir -d . -o fonts.scale
mkfontdir .
xset fp rehash
kill -USR1 xfs-pid
kill -USR2 xfs-pid
service xfs restart

Is this possible and what are the steps involved?


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