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Nigel Sollars nsollars at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 10:55:38 PDT 2007

I was the one that told the original hate post to put the crack pipe down

Here is how i see it,

Xfree86 is cool and all yes you have the infamous make World and off it
goes.  There is a bad side that was addressed by modularization of the whole
X system,  this was that it takes along time to release updates into a
complete build system eg a full X release.

So by default the simplest way is to break the whole thing up into
manageable pieces.


For Xfree86 was great but due to the slow pace of releases they have an
issue with the quicker rate of new hardware to support.  This also hit hard
in area's like DRI 3d acceleration.  I think the last release used Mesa
6.0.2.  Its not the projects fault its just the nature of things.

This forced me to look at Xorg more seriously than i had done previously.

With alot of help from certain people on this list I have been able to build
Xorg 7.1 and now upto 7.2 with Mesa 6.5.2.

My laptop practically sings using this Combo.

So i take my hat off to the developers for an awesome job.  I awe so take my
hat off to the Xfree86 guys for great work as with ALL providing idea's /
code non of this would have been possible.  Any contributor deserves respect
from those who use the software.

This blatant attack was very stupid almost a childish playground stunt.

Ive been a Slackware user for years i prefer to build my stuff due to
controlling what libs and stuff i have on my system.  So this little bit of
tinkering required to build the Xorg release was nothing new.

Each module in the release has a configure script.

My final word is if you don't like it don't use it . or make some
improvements just don't bitch.

On 4/8/07, Marek Wawrzyczny <marekw1977 at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Perhaps you could take some comfort that for all the negative comments
> (and
> there were only a few), there's a much larger group of people happy and
> appreciative of all the work done by the X.Org developers and
> administrators.
> Count me in as one :)
> Cheers,
> Marek Wawrzyczny
> On Sat, 7 Apr 2007 07:07:00 Alex Deucher wrote:
> > What is with all the attitude lately against Xorg?  It's a huge,
> > understaffed project, and yet everyone seems happy to complain that
> > it's hard/it's stupid/we're assholes unless someone holds their hand
> > through every step.  Most of us are just volunteers that do this in
> > our spare time.  We try and help as much as possible and I feel we do
> > a pretty good job.  Unfortunately, not all of us have every piece of
> > hardware ever made, or feel like spelling out the process xyz for the
> > tenth time because some user doesn't want to exert any effort to try
> > and figure it out himself.  It might even take a few days or a week to
> > get back to you as other projects/work/life sometimes have to take
> > precedence.  I'm sorry you have to log into edit the wiki or post the
> > ML, but even with that in place we still get spam.  MOST projects have
> > something similar.  I assure you there is no cabal to keep X a guarded
> > secret; we'd like all the help we can get.  And before someone says
> > the build process is the impediment to get people on board, look at
> > how many more contributers and features have been added since the
> > XFree86 days.  I guess some people figured it out.  People used the
> > same argument back then as well (the monolith is too hard to build, I
> > don't want to rebuild everything just to try the latest radeon driver,
> > etc.).  If you don't like it, come up with a better way instead of
> > acting like a jerk and bitching about the hard work of those that have
> > contributed so far.  If you come up with a better approach we'll be
> > happy to discuss it (and I mean an actual approach, not just hand
> > waving and nostalgia).  Finally, if you do solve a tough problem, add
> > it to the wiki, or submit a patch, or at the very least send a email
> > to the list saying "hey, I had this problem and this is how I solved
> > it."
> >
> > Alex
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