X11 & Spaceball

Achim Flammenkamp achim at uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Apr 6 02:56:35 PDT 2007


> >Except dozends of non-related emails from this mailing-list, I got
> >no responce after being forced to subscribe to be able to post to it.
> Well, it is a general xorg mailing list what did you expect to
> receive?  Just about everything xorg related is discussed here.
I did not expect to be forced to subscribe it, when one/I want(s) to post
only to this list, especially after reading the (misleading) statement
"To post a message to all the list members ..." .
And in the case of Rolands posting last Februrary there were quick responses.

As you may see, I again have subscribed to this mailling list, after getting
your two cc-emails only minutes after my last posting yesterday.
(So, no need to cc me further). Thanks for the response.

A technical question: how do I post to a certain thread as a follow-up?
(My very first email-posting was only appended to the current thread, not
as a new topici and I'm afraid this one will also be misordered into the list).

> No offense, but I suspect you and Roland are the only two people on
> this list that actually have spaceballs.  That's why no one responded.
No offense, but with this (firstly my 3rd posting reached the mailing list)
configuration and with the actual responseness not many users will like to
> How about taking over maintainership of the driver?
For which driver? spaceorb, probably not (I don't own one), and the spaceball
driver is only my privately try (an evidently patched (non working) spaceorb
And the evdev-driver has a competent maintainer, I think, even if he didn't say
what he meant by "soonish" in February. :)

Well, if there is a real try to develop a working spaceball-driver for X11
(one should clearify what this shall mean) I could keep track on its
maintainance and even support the development with my possibilities.

BTW: I got my Spaceball 3003 about 2 years ago on Ebay.DE and then must noticed
that only the Spaceball 4003 was supported in Kernel 2.4.* , so I must wait
until the 2.6-Kernel series stabilized and then forgot it until 1 week ago.

BTW2: Even blender has no support for Spaceball devices :(, in spite the fact
that this hardware device class is said to be the most used for true-6-sensors
input devices in 3D graphic environments. And I must switch form freeglut to 
Openglut because the first implementation doesn't support spaceball devices. :(
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