X11 & Spaceball

Achim Flammenkamp achim at uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Apr 5 11:36:23 PDT 2007


Meanwhile I have solved my problem myself.
Except dozends of non-related emails from this mailing-list, I got
no responce after being forced to subscribe to be able to post to it.
To be frank, you should document this nasty condition on 
http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/xorg   inplace of
"To post a message to all the list members ..." .
Ok, now from the annoying introduction to the technical solution:

1) spaceorb input modul on x86-64 architecture is broken in X11-7.1.1.

2) Realizing
       Option     "Name" "OEM Spaceball 3003"     in my XConfig-InputSection
       N: Name="OEM SpaceBall 3003"
opened my eyes for this typo-error in the "Name" Option.
And after correcting this, the X11-evdev-modul recognized my spaceball.

Furthermore applying Roland Arsenaultss evdev-spaceball-patch for SpaceTraveler
to my evdev-version 1.1.2 sensefully, let me finally get a working
x11-driver for my Spaceball 3003 FLX when using glut.
Thanks again to Roland for this usable patch! I emailed Roland and the
maintainer of evdev yesterday personally and I will soon desubcribed from this
list, expecting no more comments (or even help).

Achim Flammenkamp          FSP Mathematisierung            Universität Bielefeld
UniversitätsstraBe 25        33501 Bielefeld         Federal Republic of Germany
UTC+02=MEST       http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/~achim/     achim at uni-bielefeld.de

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