screen saver for wsdisplay on vesafb and Xorg wsfb?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Mon Jul 31 14:14:16 PDT 2006

Following is an email I originally sent to the NetBSD X11 list. If you 
have any ideas on how I can test a screensaver (to power off display) 
please let me know. I'd like to find out if I have a problem with Xorg 
xf86-video-wsfb or with NetBSD's wsdisplay or vesafb or maybe I don't have 
a problem at all :) - Jeremy

For two months, I have been using Xorg xf86-video-wsfb driver with 
NetBSD's wsdisplay(4) on NetBSD's vesafb (missing man page?).
(vesa not mentioned in wsdisplay(4) either.) This is on i386 NetBSD 

I can't turn off my display with xset.

The wsfb_driver.c has:

      pScreen->SaveScreen = WsfbSaveScreen;

which is:

WsfbSaveScreen(ScreenPtr pScreen, int mode)
        ScrnInfoPtr pScrn = xf86Screens[pScreen->myNum];
        WsfbPtr fPtr = WSFBPTR(pScrn);
        int state;


        if (!pScrn->vtSema)
                return TRUE;

        if (mode != SCREEN_SAVER_FORCER) {
                state = xf86IsUnblank(mode)?WSDISPLAYIO_VIDEO_ON:
                      WSDISPLAYIO_SVIDEO, &state);
        return TRUE;

I see WSDISPLAYIO_SVIDEO in /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/bios/vesafb.c.

How can I troubleshoot why I have no screen blank? What commands can I 

(Note that I can screenblank fine using unichrome or via on the same 

Also where are the WSDISPLAYIO_* settings documented?

The screen does turn off when I close the lid (or close most of the way). 
(With no ACPI in kernel it reboots though.)

I have no idea if the wsfb "CloseScreen" function is used, but I am 
guessing it is not as the screen will blank out side of X if lid is closed 

- Jeremy C. Reed

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