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Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Sun Jul 30 02:56:42 PDT 2006

xorg-server 'if it distchecks, ship it'

It's been almost two months, so, what the hell.  Nothing wildly
exciting: input hotplug is languishing on a branch, so is the Intel
output hotplug stuff (which is all in the driver anyway).  Mostly just
internal cleanups, woo woo.  (shortlog follows.)

git tag: xorg-server- (note dots, not underscores)

MD5: 5adc8fe20ef6813d749371932d84f02c
SHA1: cc9becda7375eae42bb4f29408755874ad45d16d

MD5: 47f2ced35771e26b1fa94b729df8f231
SHA1: ab15b4a0ae70e2e01449f712358abef68342fc2b


Aaron Plattner:
      Fix the RandR failure path for rotated screens.

Adam Jackson:
      Remind dlloader that it needs to search the global scope as well as the
      Switch the default mouse device on Linux to /dev/input/mice.
      PPC64 build fix.
      Fix the Linux ACPI reopen code to use a repeating timer, rather than a
      Remove the DDXTIME conditional, for being unused.
      Remove RCS tags.  Fix Xprint makefile braindamage.
      Detach xf4bpp from cfb.
      Remove the loader's required and referenced symbol lists, dead code.
      Delete internal usage of the symbol ref/req lists.
      Delete some long-unused testing code.
      Remove a useless open() of the module we're about to load.
      Open-coded path checks make baby Jesus cry.
      static markup, more dead code.
      Yet more dead code.
      Remove another latent PowerMAX hunk.
      Remove getconfig horrorshow.  Replace with a static built-in rule list for now.
      Remove dead function prototypes.

Daniel Stone:
      get rid of XFree86LOADER, XFree86Server, XFree86Module, and IN_MODULE
      fix XEvIE build without XKB
      fix minor typo
      fix KdXvCopyPackedData to actually work
      exa: only disable cw when COMPOSITE is built
      define DEBUG in DIX
      never define MEMBUG
      kdrive: allow debugging
      fix kbproto dependency
      loader: walk directory paths with readdir(), don't stat() everything
      remove README (which doesn't exist) from EXTRA_DIST
      bump to
      remove .cvsignores from EXTRA_DIST
      add securitysrv.h
      add sym.h to sources
      remove filename that's too long for tar

Dave Airlie:
      glx: fix typo from tag removal

Drew Parsons:
      Bug #7346: Disable Composite extension in Xprt

Ed Catmur:
      Generate xprint.pre from xprint.cpp.
      Remove hardcoded 'lib' in XPRINTDIR.

Eric Anholt:
      Bug #7366: Fix two crashes in operations on source pictures.
      Bug #7366: Fix crashes when setting filters on source pictures.
      Fix bugs in support for new repeatTypes in XAA and EXA.
      Fix source picture filter check for multiple screens.
      Bump server version to for gradient and repeat fixes.
      Optimize out computing a gradient pixel if the mask value is 0.
      Correct AGP memory deallocation argument on *BSD.
      Revert "Optimize out computing a gradient pixel if the mask value is 0."

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
      fix wrong function pointer type in hw/dmx/dmxcmap.c
      fix some more compiler warnings due to defines being declared differently
      fix compiler warning about xnestRecolorCursor() not being defined
      fix compiler warning in hw/xfree86/common/xf86Config.c
      add another file to .gitignore

Gustavo Pichorim Boiko:
      Fix the configure check for the --{enable,disable}-dpms option

Ian Romanick:
      Refactor linuxGetIOSize and linuxGetSizes.  Eliminate the unnecessary
      Trivial refactor of libint10_la_SOURCES.
      Refactor identical xf86InitInt10 function from generic.c and linux.c
      Refactor common code from the generic.c and linux.c version of
      Rearrange code in xf86int10ParseBiosLocation to use strncasecmp.  This
      Add some const qualifiers to serveral function parameters.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Remove unused variable.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver

James Steven Supancic III:
      Bug #7482: Fix Xdmx's Render code to match reality; fixes BadLength client

Keith Packard:
      GL proto version 1.4.7 needed for texture-from-pixmap defines.
      xorgcfg now needs libxkbui version 1.0.2 or better.

Kevin E Martin:
      Revert xkb changes that broke XkbGetKeyboard()

Kristian Høgsberg:
      Add marshalling for GLX 1.3 requests.
      Move createDrawable from __GLXcontext to __GLXscreen.
      Drop global GLX error integer variables and use __glXError() instead.
      Move __GLXdrawable lookup and creation into GetDrawableOrPixmap.
      Implement glXCreateWindow and glXDestroyWindow.
      Drop unused GL/include subtree.
      Add GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer marshalling support.
      Implement GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer.
      Un-glx-libcwrap DMX GLX proxy so it works without GL/include.
      Unlibc-wrap DMX glxscreens.c and fix tag-removal typo.

Luc Verhaegen:
      Bug #5386 (partial): Move CVT mode generator from cvt(1) to server core, and

Matthew Allum:
      Add support to Xephyr for simulating 8bit grayscale.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Fix crash in Xephyr when running on host X with keymap width < 4 ( i.e xvnc )

Matthieu Herrb:
      Replace GNU make-ism.

Tilman Sauerbeck:
      Bug #7097: do case-insensitive comparison for some hotkeys.
      Bug #3042: Use autoconf to get the correct name of a struct member.
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