XvMC on intel 855 and superiors?

Ori Bernstein rand_chars at rogers.com
Sat Jul 29 20:41:35 PDT 2006

On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 22:15:35 -0400, manu <eallaud at yahoo.fr> said:

> 	Hi all,
> I would like to get a doc on how to program intel 855 to decode mpeg2;  
> could someone point me somewhere because my googling only turned up a  
> pdf file describing the registers but nothing I am able to imagine the  
> beginning of how to handle this task.
> Thanks,
> Manu
As far as I know, there really isn't any documentation out there. You'll
probably have to read the source code for other chip's implementations, and ask
questions on the list (or on IRC) when you get stuck. 

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