problem with xfixes in X11R7.0 and not in X11R7.1

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes cerdiogenes at
Sat Jul 29 11:42:31 PDT 2006


I'm using COMPOSITE in gnome-mag to support full screen magnification
(finally ;-), sorry for the flames :-(), but I'm having problems running
the modified program in X11R7.0.

I'm creating clip lists with XFixes to paint only the necessary parts of
each window. When I move the window I recalculate the clip lists and
paint what is needed again. What is happening is that the first clip
that I created appear to does not change and when I move the window out
of it's initial position it's entirely transparent, since the clip does
not goes with it.

What is strange is that the same code works in X11R7.1. There is
anything that changed in Xfixes in the 7.1 release that could explaim

I'm using XFixesCreateRegionFromWindow (display, window,
WindowRegionBounding) to create the window region and using this one to
subtract from the window region below it, and so on.


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