mga driver / HALlib

Egbert Eich eich at
Fri Jul 28 11:01:17 PDT 2006

Ian Romanick writes:
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 > Stefan Dirsch wrote:
 > > Sure. But here we're again at "* nobody cares enough". :-( What the
 > > users usually see is the regression in the driver.
 > A certain amount of this is actually on my todo list.  Is there a grand,
 > unified list anywhere of exactly what features on which hardware
 > currently require the use of mgahal?  The only thing that I know of is
 > dual-head on G400 cards.  Is there more?

I think that's it. 
As far as I know the HAL module is just needed for TV out on G400.
It may handle macrovision - which could be the reason for it being
If we can get this stuff in nateivly we can nuke a bunch of code 
plus those ugly macros and workarounds we had to add to make this
black box work.

 > I tend to agree with the sentiment of gutting all the mgahal support
 > from the driver.  Then we can gradually add the missing features back
 > one at a time.

I actually don't know if there are so many features that 
are missing. Stefan would probably know. As far as I rember
- and sometimes my memory lies - SUSE only considers HAL
for G400 anyway.


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