i855GM multihead clone modesetting

Yaroslav Rastrigin yarick at it-territory.ru
Sun Jul 23 10:05:00 PDT 2006

well, as so many others here on this list, I'm interested in 
1. native resolution for my 1280x800 wide notebook LFP (achieved by modesetting branch or 855resolution) 
2. using my notebook with external monitor (17" is so much more comfortable for me than 12" ) (achieved by using X.Org 7.1.0 or X.Org 6.8.2 releases) 
3. using it in clone mode (since using true multiheading (different screens/displays) is extremely inconvenient for me)
4. being able to carry my notebook in suspended mode (suspend-to-ram/suspend-to-disk) 
5. being able to watch movies with XV (since this means fewer framedrops and better quality)

Any chances to have it all in foreseeable future ? (No, this is still not a whine :-)
So, I was using 6.8.2 with Alan Hourihane's experimental i810.o for some time (6 or 7 months) , with relative success in multihead mode 
(:0.0 and :0.1 . Not very convenient, since I can't move windows between screens and need to kill and reopen my mail client/browser/devel window/whatever) 
every time I switch heads. (No, VNC is not a solution, thx). STR worked on and off from kernel release to kernel release, 
XVideo never worked on attached CRT, as well as DRI . So, I couldn't watch a movie on a bigger screen without resorting to 
plain x11shm rendering. 
Some day in spring, 7.0.0 was released , but I was cautious and patient and reluctant to hope for the better future and waited for 7.1.0 . 
Well, still the need for 855resolution to drive LFP, but STR worked with 2.6.17 and , lo and behold, mplayer suddenly uses XVideo 
without catching bus errors while playing on my external CRT. Joy and pleasure and loads of DVDs. 
And then it's time to 
emerge --sync && emerge --update --newuse world, and 7.1.1 is out on my HD - and suddenly no STR (it fscking hangs on switching consoles), 
no XVideo (it fscking hangs on mplayer -vo xv), still the need to use 855resolution , still no DRI .
Ok, I biting my lip, reading xorg at lists.freedesktop.org , and deciding to try modesetting branch. 
Well, I'm writing using this branch , built 10 minutes ago, using Clone mode. I haven't tested STR/STD yet, but I'm fairly positive it will fail 
(since it fails to restore chipregs when switching to console properly). I'm fairly positive XVideo will work, since this is the only 
screen on this display. I'm fairly positive there's at least one bug in this branch since I've been able to type this email only after commenting 
out i830_modes.c:474 ( "continue;" in a loop checking allowed modes ), 
since my CRT's (actually, it's an LCD) native mode is 1280x1024, which is larger than LFP's native 1280x800, 
and why can't you drive each panel with its' native resolution, using "Virtual x y" ? 
And here comes tha whine - 
Any chances to have it all in foreseeable future ?

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