Errors compiling Xorg server with Mesa

Constantin Velásquez Guerino cvelasquez.gnu at
Sun Jul 23 08:01:44 PDT 2006

I have errors of "undefined reference to" in GL/mesa/main/state.c,
context.c, etc, and every declaration missing is in the Mesa source
tree file "arrayobj.h". Before this I had similar error and I decided
to lndir the mesa source tree/src/mesa/main/*.h to the GL/mesa/main/
directory in xorg server source, and, as I expected, everything worked
fine (there were already many libraries linked) until this. I knew the
problem shouldn't be happening (the first error was that "bitset.h"
wasn't found) but I linked anyway. Now, could someone tell me how to
solve this problem please?


Saludos, Constantin Velásquez.

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