Installing Xorg 7.0.0 from tarballs

Andrew Haninger ahaning at
Sat Jul 22 21:47:38 PDT 2006


I've built and installed XFree86 in the past from both released
tarballs and CVS repositories and I recently decided to try installing
Xorg from tarballs. Luckily, I found that there are build scripts
which attempt to simplify the process.

I followed the instructions at
<> for building Xorg
7.0.0 from tarballs in individual directories (data, doc, driver,
font, lib, ...). I used the command line:

PATH=/usr/src/xorg/7.0.0/bin:$PATH ./ -m
/usr/src/xorg/7.0.0/Mesa-6.4.2 /usr/src/xorg/7.0.0/modular > build.log

replacing /tmp/modular with the location where I wanted the build
process to put the compiled files. After a couple (7) failed builds,
one completed with:

make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/xorg/7.0.0/util/lndir-X11R7.0-1.0.1'
Sat Jul 22 21:49:14 EDT 2006

which I took to mean that the build was successful.

On the page linked above, there don't appear to be any instructions on
how to install the built Xorg. If I need to "make install", I'm not
sure where I need to go before doing it.

I've been able to run Xorg successfully by moving my existing XFree86
installation out of /usr/X11R6 and symlinking /usr/X11R6 to
/usr/src/xorg/7.0.0/modular, but when I try to run Xorg as root and it
uses its xinitrc at ./lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc, it fails when trying to
run 'xterm' which doesn't appear to exist at all in the build produced
with the above command line. If I run 'startx' as a normal user, I get
the black-white stippled screen and "X" cursor, but my ~/.xinitrc
doesn't appear to be used.

Is there a recommended method of installing Xorg when it's been
compiled from the tarballs and built with the
script? Am I reading the wrong documentation?



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