installer uses wrong resolution for sgi 1600sw monitor

Ian Romanick idr at
Fri Jul 21 07:53:29 PDT 2006

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Jason Dravet wrote:
> I have tried installing FC6T1 and todays rawhide.  The installer uses
> the wrong resolution.  My monitor and video card are SGI 1600SW digital
> LCD (non-DDC) and a Number Nine Revolution IV video card (32MB of ram). 
> I opened a bug in fedora's bugzilla but the bug has been open for over
> two years and they don't seem to care.  The problem is anaconda starts
> the monitor at 1024x768 and that is not the correct resolution for this
> monitor.  The correct resolution is either 800x512 and 1600x1024.  The
> redhat group says it an X problem so I am asking the X group.  Whose
> problem is this?  I have lived with this problem for 6 years.

There are several similar problems, including one involving an IBM LCD
display.  I think some of the work that ajax is doing may resolve some
of these issues.
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