installer uses wrong resolution for sgi 1600sw monitor

Jason Dravet dravet at
Thu Jul 20 12:17:55 PDT 2006

I have tried installing FC6T1 and todays rawhide.  The installer uses the 
wrong resolution.  My monitor and video card are SGI 1600SW digital LCD 
(non-DDC) and a Number Nine Revolution IV video card (32MB of ram).  I 
opened a bug in fedora's bugzilla but the bug has been open for over two 
years and they don't seem to care.  The problem is anaconda starts the 
monitor at 1024x768 and that is not the correct resolution for this monitor. 
  The correct resolution is either 800x512 and 1600x1024.  The redhat group 
says it an X problem so I am asking the X group.  Whose problem is this?  I 
have lived with this problem for 6 years.


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