glcompmgr 0.5

dragoran dragoran at
Thu Jul 20 09:47:06 PDT 2006

I have tested this on my 7800GTX running FC5-x86_64 (xorg-7.0)
first I did a quake4smp benchmark (using ids own timedemo @ ultra
settings 1280x1024 no AA/AF) using the lastest nvidia drivers.
The CPU is a dual core opteron 170 overclocked 2x2.7Ghz / 2048MB RAM
the result without a cm ~92fps
using xcompmgr ~61fps
using the lastest glcompmgr ~38fps ->but unplayable (looks like 10fps to
me not 38)
After running the benchmark I was about to revert the changes to
xorg.conf and I have seen a screen corruption (seems to be caused by the
cm) I have made a screenshot and attached it.

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