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Felix Bellaby felix at
Thu Jul 20 13:54:37 PDT 2006

Here is the attachment that should have gone with the last mail: viz.

On Fri, 2006-07-14 at 18:21 +0100, Felix Bellaby wrote:
> Okay, here is my next stab. I hope that I have finally sorted out the
> GLX side of things, so that the code will at least get started on a
> wider range of hardware. 

Well, that version still did not work with the fbconfig support in the
Xorg GLX server, so I have gone back to pure GLX 1.2 unless GLX 1.3 is
explicitly advertised. The attached version actually works with the
Matrox 550 and also addresses some recent problems with server grabs
when COPY_BUFFER was set to 0.

I would still like to know who sees GL windows being updated when this
compositor is run with COPY_BUFFER set to 0 and who sees crashes when
COPY_BUFFER is set to 0 and REFRESH_DRAWABLES is set to 0.

I would particularly like to hear from people with accelerated GL on ATI
cards, because if you are getting crashes then ATI need to be told
before the texture_from_pixmap extension will work without Xgl.


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