Whence XKB stuff (or - where can I find EVERYTHING)

Kean Johnston kean at armory.com
Wed Jul 19 09:19:24 PDT 2006

The release notes for 7.1 mention two data sets for XKB data files.
The older "xkbdata" and the newer "xkbdesc" module. I just downloaded
*.bz2 from the "everything" directory and I see no such modules.
Since I am about to embark on porting 7.x, how do I really go about
getting everything? It seems as if the "everything" directory isn't
it. For my initial porting efforts I do *NOT* want to contend with
the cvs/git issues. I'll do that when I've got the stock 7.1 working.
Any pointers to where I can get a genuine "everything" set of modules
would be greatly appreciated.

Also, xterm was conspicuous by its absense. I'm sure I can get it
from Tom Dickey's site ... but is there a list in the wiki anywhere
of what was in 6.9 that is now not in 7.x that I need to go looking
elsewhere for?

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