Ferrari 4000 x700 revisited

Aaron Dewell aaron.dewell at
Mon Jul 17 14:10:50 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I got some advice here a few weeks ago on getting my Ferrari 4000 up and
running using the driver using LVDS,None.  Now that I have
returned from my business travels, I would like either TMDS,LVDS or even
just TMDS,None to work, but neither does.  I also tried CRT with no

I didn't write down the results of my testing, as to exactly what
settings resulted in which failure modes, but generally the laptop
screen was wobbly with any settings (or solid whitish grey), and in only
one case did the external panel come up, but not at it's resolution,
only at the internal panel resolution.  I can do more tests and write
them down this time if that's helpful.

So what is the way to get this working with either TMDS,LVDS ,
LVDS,TMDS , or TMDS,None?  I'm fine with switching out config files
depending on whether it's docked or not as necessary, so maintaining two
separate configurations is fine as long as they both work. :)

Thanks again!


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