Brian Paul brian.paul at
Fri Jul 14 07:00:24 PDT 2006

Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> Brian Paul wrote:
>>The larger issue I'm having is a lack of concise documentation for
>>getting everthing from git and building from scratch.  I'm slowly
>>piecing it together through trial and error.  I'm presently building
>>each git package/project one by one by hand.  I haven't figured out how
>>to use the build scripts yet.
> I'd strongly recommend using your distribution's packages if possible,
> for everything except what you're actually developing. Most
> distributions have added modular X to at least their testing or rawhide
> branches by now. Does yours not have modular X yet?

Well, I'm using RedHat FC3.  Are you talking about the usual X-related 
RPMs that come with the distro or other packages that correspond to 
the new git repositories?

If this is the recommended way of doing things, how about documenting 
it on the Wiki?


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