glcompmgr 0.3

Felix Bellaby felix at
Thu Jul 13 03:12:51 PDT 2006

I wrote:
> > I have rejigged the gl compositor that I posted last week to support the
> > limited GLX implementation on the Xorg server and accomodate GL
> > implementations without alpha channels. It now works on the open source
> > nv drivers.
> I have just had a chance to try this out on some ATI hardware, and it is
> clear that FBConfig support is often completely absent in this platform.
> I have adjusted the code to support GLX 1.2 for this case, but there are
> still some problems that still need ironing out, so do not expect the
> version that I just posted to work on ATI hardware yet.

Okay, here is an update that works on the Radeon drivers and almost
works on the ATI drivers. I have only managed to test these drivers on
Fedora 4 (x86_64) with Xorg 6.8.2, so the effects of aiglx and other
recent stuff remains unknown at present.

The ATI props. do not seem to support DRI under compositing or backing
stores and they are very slow. There appears to be some kind of
optimization going on somewhere in the Mesa/ATI props. that leaves many
areas undrawn, with horrible results. Does anyone have any idea where
these effects might be coming from?


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