glcompmgr 0.2

Felix Bellaby felix at
Wed Jul 12 13:59:16 PDT 2006

I wrote:
> I have rejigged the gl compositor that I posted last week to support the
> limited GLX implementation on the Xorg server and accomodate GL
> implementations without alpha channels. It now works on the open source
> nv drivers.

I have just had a chance to try this out on some ATI hardware, and it is
clear that FBConfig support is often completely absent in this platform.
I have adjusted the code to support GLX 1.2 for this case, but there are
still some problems that still need ironing out, so do not expect the
version that I just posted to work on ATI hardware yet.


PS you might want to set #define DEBUG 0 on line 64 of glcompmgr 0.2.

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