dvorak "classic" keymap (US English)

Russell L. Harris rlharris at oplink.net
Wed Jul 5 13:55:54 PDT 2006

The original keyboard layout (or keymap) which August Dvorak devised in
1936 differs significantly from the "modified" Dvorak layout which was
adopted by ANSI in 1983.   The differences are confined to the numeric
row and the first alphabetic row.

The original or "classic" Dvorak layout has the numeric row in the
following sequence:

     [{  7&  5%  3#  1!  9(  0)  2@  4$  6^  8*  ]}

Also, on the first alphabetic row of the original Dvorak layout, the


key is on the left, while the


key on in the right.

GNU/Linux distributions including Debian currently provide for console
users both the ANSI Dvorak layout


and the the original or "classic" Dvorak layout


But at the current time, the Xorg package provides only the ANSI Dvorak

I have not yet been successful in patching the Xorg keyboard files so as
to implement the "classic" Dvorak layout.

(1) Would someone with the required expertise be so kind as to generate
the patches for me?

(2) May I hereby request that Xorg provide the "classic" Dvorak layout
in addition to the ANSI layout?



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