EXA performance ( XCOMPOSITE and XRENDER ) performance regression from xorg 7.0 to 7.1 ( r200 )

James Blanford Xorguser at cox.net
Tue Jul 4 22:13:57 PDT 2006

On  4 Jul, Mike Russo wrote:
> If you don't get any window decorations in compiz, and the window 
> decorator is running, make sure you don't have XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS 
> set.  If it is set, 'unset XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS' first (it's not 
> enough to set it to null) before running the window decorator and 
> compiz.  You'll probably need to set it again if you want to run
> firefox however.

Well, I couldn't remember if I tried that, so I rebuilt
gnome-window-decorator and cvs libwnck and reinstalled a minimal gnome
environment (only 80 packages).  Nope, that doesn't do it.

Compiz seems to be pretty narrowly developed from the Novell - SuSE
platform, Kristian has adapted it for Redhat and other developers have
adapted it to Gentoo and Ubuntu, but it has not yet been developed as an
independent freedesktop application.  Even for Gentoo and and Ubuntu, it
breaks frequently.  For example the Redhat version relies on their own
libwnck which has features that are in cvs libwnck, but not any released
version.  I imagine there are other adaptations of mesa and xserver-xorg
etc. in Redhat and SuSE that are required to make compiz work.

In the hundred odd forum and mailing list threads I've gleaned, I've
found no one who has gotten compiz or wobbly-metacity to work by taking
the application-from-scratch approach that I've been trying.  Either
it's been developers who have patched their distro to get it to work on
their computer or people who have used the packages that those
developers have provided.

It's really close.  If my reputation depended on it, I'd start by
diffing Rawhide libwnck against the gnome cvs sources I'm using.

Well, this has gotten far OT.  How do you change the subject header?

>>> Is one of its window decorators running?
>> Yes, but I also have problems with Kristian's recently posted patches.
>> Without them, compiz doesn't work at all, but one of them leads to a
>> null pointer returning from mesa land, so I can't apply it.  When I
>> search the compiz mailing list and Gentoo and Ubuntu forums, whenever
>> there's a problem with compiz, people tend to report missing window
>> decorations.
>>      -  Jim
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