Radeon 9000 Pro corruption problem on PPC when DRI is enabled

Michel Dänzer michel at tungstengraphics.com
Wed Aug 23 09:34:30 PDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 02:24 -0400, Ari Entlich wrote:
> > Awesome!!! This fixed both the DRI corruption and UseFBDev problems!

Nice, what did? From your quoted text, I'm guessing not treating the ROM
as an x86 BIOS.

> > However, Composite doesn't work as well as I'd hoped (see
> > http://gentoo-wiki.com/Xorg_X11_and_Transparency#ATi_.2B_Xorg ).
> > Composite was one of the main reasons I switched to Xorg 7.1 (another
> > reason was staying up-to-date, of course), so I'd be a bit
> > disappointing
> > if I can't get it running at any better than non-accelerated speeds
> > (which is what I'm getting) :-/. Is this a known issue...?

Depends. You'll want to not enable backing store and use Option
"AccelDFS". If that doesn't help, you can try playing with the
"MigrationHeuristic" and "FBTexPercent" options, and if all of that
doesn't help, you could finally try the exa-damagetrack xserver git

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