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Tue Aug 15 10:33:31 PDT 2006

niiice! is this the stuff you mentioned in that interview with the linux
link tech show this winter? I just thought you had dropped it! good work

Zack Rusin wrote:
> Ave,
> just introducing simple sugar in the form of a new acceleration architecture.
> In the spirit of being short and sweet, that fits very well with the concepts 
> of Glucose:
> - it's an OpenGL based acceleration architecture, 
> - all driver code is limited to just initialising it (a call to 
> glucoseDriverInit), which really could be eliminated as well, by cleverly 
> hooking it up in the server... we might want to do that soon.
> - it uses XGL code, so it accelerates everything using exactly the same paths 
> as XGL does. So there's no duplicate code/work here. 
> A short FAQ:
> Q: It is what?
> A: Acceleration architecture. Nothing more, nothing less.
> Q: How do i get it?
> A: Do "git checkout glucose" in your xserver git tree. 
> Q: Does it work?
> A: Not without the glucoseDriverInit hook right now. Otherwise with the right 
> positioning of stars, some prayer and a whole lot of luck good things might 
> happen.
> Q: Why not XGL?
> A: We already have a server. One that works rather well. With AIGLX all this 
> server is lacking is a nice way of accelerating common rendering primitives. 
> Glucose is that bridge. Between AIGLX and Glucose we have the complete 
> solution. Furthermore my plan is to provide a smooth transition for apps that 
> would like to mix Xrender with GL, with Glucose it's a rather simple thing to 
> do.
> Q: How many more acceleration architectures does X need?
> A: My favourite number is 13 but I'm pretty busy so I'm going for 3. This one 
> looks like the one to rule them all. 
> Q: What's the status?
> A: I'll try to add TODO tomorrow or day after and send it here as well. 
> There's a few things that I'm not terribly happy about. The driver hook is 
> pretty obvious. 
> Other things that do matter quite a bit but require more work include fun with 
> direct clients which will most likely turn into drm context switching with 
> preemption and a full blown gpu scheduler which is something that'd be nice 
> to have either way. The fact that greedy gl clients can pretty successfully 
> monopolise the gpu is quite a problem if everything is layered on gl. So 
> yeah, there's quite a bit of work ahead but at least we all can work on dri 
> and improvements there will, basically, improve the whole desktop (besides 
> email clients which are hopeless). 
> Q: Where do babies come from?
> A: Montana. 
> Zack
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