help building xorg-modular

Simon simon80 at
Sat Aug 12 18:05:37 PDT 2006

This may or may not be a useful suggestion, but have you tried running

PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/usr/x11r7/lib/pkgconfig" ./build-
> -m /home/hannes/Mesa-1.5/ -e /usr/x11r7/ >logfile

If you reeeaaally really want to get the new xorg running, and don't have
any other special requirements, you might try a distribution that supports
building it for you automatically, like Gentoo.  You can do all of the
building from within a terminal while running Kubuntu by using chroot to
build it within the Gentoo partition.  I have a similar setup to this, and
have scripts on either distribution to mount the other distro's partition,
bind /dev, /sys, /tmp, and then chroot in for me.  Usually I'll do this from
within Ubuntu if I'm making drastic changes on the Gentoo side and don't
want to be running the system while I make the changes.

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