Re : Rant about ATI

manu eallaud at
Wed Aug 9 05:52:17 PDT 2006

Le 09.08.2006 07:05:51, Alan Cox a écrit :
> Ar Mer, 2006-08-09 am 09:31 +1000, ysgrifennodd Marek Wawrzyczny:
> > I cannot agree with this point. There is little chance that a
> commercial
> > company is going to release details necessary for drivers of
> upcoming
> > hardware.
> Vendors do this today with all sorts of hardware for various free
> software projects, often with NDAs to various companies and agreement
> that the driver goes into the kernel on a specific date (usually the
> date that marketing announces the product exists). Some of them even
> write their own drivers or have their contractors do it ready.

Yes and moreover nobody asks to release the in and outs of the device  
just the way to program it to do what it is supposed to do, I do not  
see any IP threat to release a doc saying that you should peek/poke  
those registers with these values respecting those timing to make this  
card display a mpeg2 frame.
With some luck AMD buying ATI will bring new developpements towards  
free software and gfx vendors.


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