Thomas Dickey dickey at radix.net
Fri Aug 4 03:05:56 PDT 2006

                             Patch #216 - 2006/8/3

     * improve handling of ConfigureNotify events by checking if there are
       further events in the queue which obsolete the current one (adapted
       from   rxvt   2.7.5).   Only   the   normal   normal  (non-toolbar)
       configuration is addressed in this patch.
     * several changes to terminfo:
          + incorporate some minor changes from ncurses to help keep these

                      modify  sgr/sgr0  in  xterm-new to improve tgetent's
                      derived "me".

                      remove ncv flag from xterm-16color

                      improve  xterm-256color  by  combining  the 16-color
                      setaf/setab  strings with SGR 48, and cancelling the
                      setf/setb strings.

          + use extended function-key definitions for xterm-sun, xterm-sco
          + add    terminfo    building-blocks    corresponding   to   the
            modifyFunctionKeys and modifyCursorKeys resources.
     * ifdef'd  Sun  function-key feature to make it optional, like HP and
     * extend  table  for  termcap-query  feature through F63, and updated
       tcapquery.pl to match.
     * modify  logic  for  function-key input processing to allow function
       key  numbers  which are constructed by control- and shift-modifiers
       to extend beyond X's hardcoded limit of 35.
     * add control sequence to set or reset the eightBitInput resource.
     * change  default  resource  modifyFunctionKeys to 2 to avoid sending
       SS3 with parameters (report by Kalle Olavi Niemitalo).
     * add  control  sequences for setting and resetting the values of the
       modifyCursorKeys, modifyFunctionKeys and modifyOtherKeys resources.
     * add modifyFunctionKeys resource like modifyCursorKeys. Setting this
       to  zero  allows  one  to  use  the control- and shift-modifiers to
       construct  function  key strings, for terminals using many function
       keys, e.g., for xterm-sun or xterm-sco.
     * modify screen responses and function-key logic to reduce the number
       of  writes  made,  to make it less likely that an application would
       read  only part of a function-key in a read operation (suggested by
       John E Urbanczyk).
     * add  combiningChars  resource, which allows the user to specify the
       maximum  number  of  combining characters that xterm will store for
       each  cell  in  wide-character  mode (prompted by request by Markus
       Kuhn to increase the limit from 2).
     * improve logic in metaSendsEscape in case the Alt- and Meta-keys are
       mapped  to  different modifiers. That allows one to use the Alt-key
       for  shifting  in  the eightBitInput and use a Meta-key modifier to
       prefix the result with an <ESC>.
     * improve  modifyCursorKeys  logic to prevent it from modifying codes
       where  eightBitInput  or  metaSendsEscape  are  set (request by Dan
     * improve modifyCursorKeys logic to prevent it from changing the user
       input when other modifiers such as AltGr are used (report by Thomas
     * extend  modifyCursorKeys  to  include  the  numeric  keypad when in
       application mode.
     * improve  -reverse  (-rv)  option  (patch  by Jason Vas Dias, Redhat
     * workaround  for  color resources on Fedora-5 which made the toolbar
       colors inconsistent.
     * corrected  calls  used  for  --disable-setuid option, add debugging
       traces to help diagnose this area.
     * modify  configure  script to ensure that USE_UTMP_SETGID is defined
       only  if  the check for POSIX saved-ids succeeds, or corresponds to
       one of the BSD systems known to have a workable setegid function.
     * extend configure check for POSIX saved-ids to include BSD systems
     * modify  CF_SYSV  configure  macro  to  work with gcc on HPUX 10.20,
       whose broken <term.h> relies on including <termios.h>.
     * change  order of setuid/setgid ifdef checks in Imakefile to make it
       simpler  to  produce  a  setgid  install,  allowing  the  latter to
       override the former (prompted by an XFree86 commit).
     * adapt  a  fix  for  setgid  support from subsequent XFree86 changes
       (patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).
     * further improve setgid support (patches by Emanuele Giaquinta).
Thomas E. Dickey
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