Headers for libxf86config

Stefan Dirsch sndirsch at suse.de
Fri Aug 4 02:50:10 PDT 2006


As some of you already noticed when applying the
"--enable-install-libxf86config" configure option to xorg-server the
required header files for it (xf86Parser.h,xf86Optrec.h) are not

The question is where to install it? Installing them to
/usr/include/xorg (the usual place for the Xserver SDK) resulted in
longer being able to compile SaX2 (probably the only tool which uses
libxf86config outside of the X.Org tree), because then the wrong
shadow.h was included (the one of /usr/include/xorg instead of the one
in /usr/include). I therefore decided to install them to /usr/include
for SUSE instead. Do you think this is appropriate and could be an
option also for X.Org upstream? Currently I'm doing this manually and
don't have a patch available for autotools, since I'm still not very
familiar with it at all.

Any suggestions/comments?

Best regards,

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