opengl under Xgl

Colin Guthrie xorg at
Wed Apr 26 01:38:48 PDT 2006

Ioannis Nousias wrote:
> I've seen reports from people having good performance with opengl apps 
> (like glxgears) under Xgl and people having low scores, as if no 
> acceleration is active. Unfortunately I'm one of the latter.

> The question is, why is compiz running so well?

Hehe, not the usual complaint!

I get around 2665 FPS on glxgears under Xgl/Compiz so no complaints there.

I can't remember what I get when not using Xgl, I think it's somewhere 
around the 3000 mark.

PS, have you seen Quinn's enhanced Compiz over at It's got 
some nice improvements to the various plugins and some nice custom 
plugins too...

trailfocus is awesome and the scale plugin is under development to make 
thinks nicer. The switcher can also show minimized applications too 
(tho' only their icon, not their actual window contents - still much 
more user friendly tho')



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