video playback problems with xgl

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Mon Apr 24 05:32:58 PDT 2006

>From: Matthias Hopf <mhopf at>
>To: xorg at
>Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:06:25 +0200
>Subject: Re: video playback problems with xgl
>On Apr 08, 06 23:08:12 +0200, sinee kac wrote:
>> I have a nvidia 6600 go graphics card, with the newest drivers (
>> x86-1.0-8756 ), running fedora core 5. I managed to compile the xserver
> >xgl support, compiz and everything else to make it run.
> >I run the xgl server with the LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/
> >:1 -ac -accel glx:pbuffer -accel xv command (a friend of mine links the
> >LD_PRELOAD to /usr/lib/nvidia/ but he also has the same problem)
> >compiz with DISPLAY=:1 /opt/Xgl/bin/compiz gconf.
>Why the LD_PRELOAD? Xgl should work fine w/o, actually this can make
>things worse, as libGL is loaded dynamically AFAIR.
>> Everything runs fine, except that any video playback other than x11
> >the xgl server. On the kororaa xgl live cd, video worked just fine.
>Does glxgears work?

No, any 3d accelerated application crashes. I run fedora core 5 with livna
nvidia drivers. <>
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