[Fwd: Re: Summer of code 2006]

Solerman Kaplon solerman at wonder.com.br
Wed Apr 19 13:47:49 PDT 2006

Arg, forgot the list...

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Jamey Sharp escreveu:
> On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 11:31:26AM -0700, Thomas Coppi wrote:
>>      I am a student interested in applying for the Google SoC through
>> xorg.  I was wondering if anybody is interested in mentoring a project
>> related to the idea/project on the XCB wiki at
>> http://xcb.freedesktop.org/wiki/usingxcb
I'm trying to read the wiki, but I'm getting a 
"UnicodeDecodeError'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xed in position 78: 
ordinal not in range(128)". Event when trying to access the root 
http://xcb.freedesktop.org/wiki/. I get also a stack with lines of code 
it seems, but I don't know pytton to figure out what could be wrong. 
Codepage settings getting in the way maybe? I tried setting UTF 8 on 
firefox but don't seems to help...


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