[ANNOUNCE] X.Org @ LinuxTag, Wiesbaden Germany

Egbert Eich eich at freedesktop.org
Wed Apr 19 10:45:53 PDT 2006

[ Announcement: European Linux Event 
 - not limited to European contributors ]

As announced before X.Org will be present on 
     LinuxTag in Wiesbaden, Germany 
           May 3 - 6, 2006

We are still looking for volunteers who whould 
like to demo some exciting new X-related 
technology (including  MESA and DRM) or just 
hang out with other graphics people on the 

To coordinate our effords there is a wiki page
devoted to this:


If you would like to come and join us please use 
this page to register yourself as a participant
or drop me an email at

You will get a free exhibitors pass. Also there
are free passes available you can give to your 

It's  a little bit over a week until the event
starts so if you would like to participate and
you are travelling by train there is opportunity 
to purchase a discount train ticket.

If you need help with finding accomodations please
let me know - I may be able to help you finding 


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