[SCM TRANSITION] Re: Proposal: move Randr protocol and library to git

Egbert Eich eich at suse.de
Wed Apr 19 00:24:36 PDT 2006

Adam Jackson writes:
 > On Tuesday 18 April 2006 13:22, Egbert Eich wrote:
 > > Roland Scheidegger writes:
 > >  > I don't really think it's important if everything is moved at once,
 > >  > however I very much agree that it would be painful if some parts moved
 > >  > to OTHER scms. If some parts stay in cvs for now that's not too bad,
 > >  > everyone knows how to use it anyway.
 > >
 > > That the number of SCMs starts to proliferate is really my main
 > > concern.
 > Anyone who tries to migrate to an SCM that is not comparably capable to git 
 > can find hosting elsewhere.  This is a short list.

Ajax, you may have had the right idea - I still dislike your wording 
which brings back bad memories of the last days of XFree86.

I'd rather see people trying to work towards a consensus (even if
the majority  just agree to what's been put on the table).


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