[SCM TRANSITION] Re: Proposal: move Randr protocol and library to git

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 18 18:27:38 PDT 2006

Kevin E Martin wrote:
> My hope is that there is enough interest in the transition that it can
> be completed in time for the first 7.2 RC, but I have not done any of
> the conversion work so far, so I don't have data to back up that hope.

We also have an additional freedom here we didn't take with the modular
transition - dropping truly unused/unmaintained modules, such as xkbdata.
Leave them in CVS as historical artifacts but make it clear they are not
going anywhere ever again.

 From the module list I made during the modular transition,
these are the candidates I had nominated for retirement:

  app/scripts [xon]    - run X command on another system via rsh
                 [Preferred replacement: ssh]
  app/xmh        - X interface to MH mail tools
                 [Preferred replacement: exmh]
  data/xkbdata        - XKB keyboard configuration data
                 [Preferred replacement: xkb-config]
  lib/oldX         - X version 10 backwards compatibility
                 [Preferred replacement: X11!]

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