i810 rotate memory range off?

Thomas Glanzmann sithglan at stud.uni-erlangen.de
Sun Apr 16 12:45:31 PDT 2006

Hello Alan,

>         commit d8d749080923e88376db1aa18ae2ad722d5113d9
>         Author: Alan Hourihane <alanh at fairlite.demon.co.uk>
>         Date:   Tue Jan 24 15:20:34 2006 +0000

>         Bump version to
>         Add Intel 945GM support
>         Add RandR rotation support (full 3D acceleration, HWcursor & Xvideo rotated too)
>         Remove shadow framebuffer rotation code
>         Add a new LinearAlloc option to allow more offscreen memory to be allocated
>         for XVideo applications. This allows HDTV movies to be played via Xvideo.

thank you a lot. I just compiled the CVS HEAD togetehr with the git
master branch and it works like a charm. I first run Xorg -configure
which shoot my vesa bios (a friend could still log in via remote and I
was able to sysrq the machine). But after a hard-reset (reboot wasn't
enough) I specified the right driver directly and it works including
xrandr, xv and it feels fast (ls -al output in a big xterm, opera
scrolling and so on). Thank you a lot.  Now I have a real nice
workstation with linux/xorg on my mac mini.  Btw. when the modsetting
branch is ready for testing I would like to test it. It would be nice if
someone could give me a heads-up when it is ready to try.

Thanks again,

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