configure options for XGL and compiz

Ioannis Nousias s0238762 at
Sun Apr 16 07:59:36 PDT 2006

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Ioannis Nousias wrote:
>> Colin Guthrie wrote:
>>>> which for xgl looks like this:
>>>> ./ --enable-xgl --disable-xorg --disable-xprint 
>>>> --enable-glx --enable-dri --with-mesa-source=/source_folder/mesa 
>>>> --with-release-snap=1 --disable-dmx --disable-xvfb --disable-xnest 
>>>> --enable-xglx --enable-xkb --disable-kdriveserver 
>>>> --prefix=/install_folder/Xgl
>> I've updated the wiki page with a build sequence that works for me 
>> (based on the above suggestions by David). I admit I didn't notice 
>> that there was an issue with the xgl build, because I install as root 
>> :( What options do you use?
> So is your / full of header files? :)
> I did use different options (basically I didn't disable-xorg in my 
> build), but since reading this message I've tried it with your options 
> above.
> I've written a build script that I use, and a bunch of little patches. 
> I've attached them here. I don't do anything as root as there is no 
> need when just testing and playing and it saves me overwriting system 
> files accidentally... compiz "make install" fails when non-root which 
> is a pain, so I've patched that too.
>> as for the compiz check the wiki page: 
>> basically you build with make linux-indirect, but you first amend the 
>> config/linux-indirect with the "MKLIB_OPTIONS = -static" compiler 
>> directive. I haven't tried with DRI, though based on this 
>>  I think it is not required 
>> for compiz.
> Yeah, I'm just going on what worked for me a while back and not looked 
> into anything different.
> One thing that puzzles me from the above Wiki entry is why bother 
> running "make install" on the Mesa library. We never use it as the 
> compiz compile directly links in the static lib from the source tree, 
> so why do we need it installed.
>> we (users) can continue updating the wiki, based on our experience 
>> and with the help of the developers this should be a good source for 
>> those who wish to build xgl and compiz from source.
> Aye indeedy. I don't want to overwrite bits of the wiki without good 
> reason tho', like when I discover a work around for something or 
> other, it could be a really ugly hack that shouldn't be spread around ;)
> Col
:) even little hacks are welcome, sometimes :P

I like the gentoo xgl howto page. it can be overwhelming, but it's a 
good source for troubleshooting. It's mostly gentoo oriented though 
which is why I think a distribution independent wiki for xgl and compiz 
would be nice.

the xgl installation has introduced 2 header files in my root directory: 
exa.h and randrstr.h, so not that bad :P Does everything work fine if 
--disable-xorg is not used? If that's the case then we can ignore it.

as for the mesa installation of the static libraries and headers, yes 
you are right, it's not needed for compiz or xgl form that matter. I'll 
remove it.


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