test intel git repo, with modesetting

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Thu Apr 6 16:26:23 PDT 2006

On Thursday 06 April 2006 18:14, Keith Packard wrote:
> Let's ask Ajax whether he cares; the 7.1 is a katamari, so he shouldn't
> be pulling anything but tarballs for the i810 driver. I think what we
> need to do is figure out what we want for the 7.1 release and make sure
> ajax has that release.

Mmm, yes and no.

So we can split the phases here if we want.  If there's stuff that needs to go 
into the driver for 7.1, I'll defer to expert opinion about which code train 
is most appropriate.  And if the maintainership for a given module wants to 
handle stabilizing it directly, that's fine too, subject to getting it 
delivered enough in advance of the release date that we can do final smoke 
testing - three days to a week, say.

But if I'm handed a tarball - or more accurately, a tag - I'll still need to 
distcheck from that with the magic release fu enabled so the tarball gets 
named the right thing, and tag that instant in time as being "the 7.1 
release".  The alternative is to tag and release the module on the katamari 
day itself, which is what I'll be doing for every other module anyway.  It's 
about the same amount of work for me either way.

I don't particularly care which repo I pull from.

So I guess the answer is, if you want to stabilize and bless it yourself, you 
need to deliver earlier, and hope that the rest of the world doesn't break 
you in the final week.

- ajax
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