Xorg 7.0-rc1 and EXA (radeon 9200)

morgoth6 at box43.pl morgoth6 at box43.pl
Sun Oct 23 02:18:07 PDT 2005


> There is a known issue with PCI GART and the current radeon driver that
> causes lockups on kernel launch when using DRI, I'll try to have a
> proper fix for it today or tomorrow.

Yes I know. I already got a workaround from you.

> Note that I have a pegasos here and EXA isn't _that_ slow.

Hmmm, what can cause so huge slowdown here then ? I gues the Radeon 9000 is not so slow, I have complete RC1 emerge here with this additional cvs fix for EXA. But still moving a gnome terminal for example lockups the mouse pointer for for a second.

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