New acceleration architecture

Gioele Barabucci dev at
Thu Jun 30 06:14:16 PDT 2005

Eric Anholt wrote:
> Yep.  In KAA drivers you would save out whatever bits you needed to some
> global variable in the Prepare call.  I always thought that was a bit
> ugly, but it worked.
Isn't moving paramenter from frequent functions to "prepare" functions going
to hurt current compilers that can optimize iter-procedure calls but have
problems with global/stored values?

I fear that

  prepare(var, value) { opt[var] = value; }
  job(v) { return opt[VAR1] + opt[VAR2] + v; }

with current compilers and current processors (PPC, x86_64) will be much
slower than

  job(opt1, opt2, v) { return opt1 + opt2 + v; }

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